PARANA PADDLES are designed to help you better navigate the waters.

Larger and lighter than ping pong paddles, PARANA PADDLES are made of strong, reinforced plastic, and measures 17” in length and 7” in width. The blade of the paddle has a circumference of 8” and is approximately one quarter inch thick. Each paddle is equipped with a longer than normal ribbed handle for a better grip, and a thumb rest on the inside. Attached to the handle is a comfortable, nylon rope that loops around the wrist. The rope is secured with a movable bead that adjusts to the individual’s particular grip. This feature not only aids in water propulsion but it also helps to keep from losing the paddle in the water.


Traditional kayak oars are great, unless you're trying to make tight turns or navigate through shallow water. When you have a pair of Parana Paddles, you can turn on a dime, and paddle in less than 18" of water.


We love floating down the river! We love floating down the river even more with Parana Paddles! You can really pick up the pace anytime with these by your side. Our paddles have cinch strings on each one, so simply tighten them around your wrists and let go and you won't have to worry about loosing your secret water weapon. Note: these are not to be used as weapons!

Next to your kayak, tube, or paddle board, Parana Paddles may be your second best friend when out on the water!